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As the world works to reduce carbon emissions, electric vehicles are becoming more and more important. Early launches of these vehicles were promising, but safety was often lacking.

That's why we bring you a list of top electric cars with 5-star safety ratings from around the world.

A non-profit organization called Euro NCAP measures the quality of cars on various parameters and declares ratings on specified cars.

Who announces safety ratings globally?

Tesla Model X

Safety features

1. High quality front airbags for drivers and passengers. 2. The car also gets side head, chest and pelvis airbags. 3. Comes with an active bonnet to reduce the harmful impact on the car.

Mercedes EQC

Safety features

1. The Mercedes EQC comes with an Automatic Collision Avoidance System. 2. Inbuilt active speed limit assist. 3. Built-in parking assist. 4. High quality airbags.

Tesla Model 3

Safety features

1. This car can resist about 20,000 pounds of force. 2. Tesla Autopilot gives you that extra edge of safety while driving. 3. High quality airbags are being installed in various areas of the cars. 4. Load limiter protection feature.


Safety features

1. It has rollover protection system. 2. Inbuilt Curtain, Side and Front Airbags. 3. Blind-spot monitoring system. 4. Inbuilt Cross Traffic Alert System.

Nissan Leaf

Safety features

1. It has an intelligent emergency braking system. 2. Hill Start Assistance. 3. Hazard warning lights (automatic). 4. Rear cross-traffic alert.

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