2024 Cadillac lyriq

  • up to 505 KM GM-estimated range with a full charge
  • Available All-Wheel Drive up to 494 KM GM-estimated range with a full charge
  • Cadillac Smart System suite of safety and driver assistance
  • 19.2 kW AC charging


The 2024 Cadillac Lyriq adds new trim levels, a revised color palette, 5G connectivity, as well as up to 500 horsepower, and 308 miles of electric range. Aside from that, deliveries for the CUV will begin later this year, with prices starting at $69,830 and going up to $92,120.

The 2024 Cadillac Lyriq is Available in 2 trims: AWD (all-wheel drive) and RWD (rear-wheel drive) options.

2024 Cadillac lyriq RWD price 

Car NameDescriptionPrice
TECHRWDElectric drive unit$69,830 †
LUXURY 1RWDElectric drive unit$75,030 †
SPORT 1RWDElectric drive unit$75,030 †
LUXURY 2RWDElectric drive unit$80,030 †
SPORT 2RWDElectric drive unit$80,030 †
LUXURY 3RWDElectric drive unit$84,330 †
SPORT 3RWDElectric drive unit$84,330 †


2024 Cadillac lyriq AWD Prices of all Models

Car NameDescriptionPrice
TECHAWDElectric drive unit$73,825 †
LUXURY 1AWDElectric drive unit$79,025 †
SPORT 1AWDElectric drive unit$79,025 †
LUXURY 2AWDElectric drive unit$84,025 †
SPORT 2AWDElectric drive unit$84,025 †
LUXURY 3AWDElectric drive unit$88,325 †
SPORT 3AWDElectric drive unit$88,325 †


2024 Cadillac lyriq Specifications

Rangeup to 505 KM GM-estimated range†up to 494 KM GM-estimated range†
HorsepowerGM-estimated 340 hp (254 kW)†GM-estimated 500 hp (373 kW)†
TorqueGM-estimated 325 lb.-ft. (440 Nm)†GM-estimated 450 lb.-ft. (610 Nm)†
Battery102 kWh† Battery Rated Energy102 kWh† Battery Rated Energy
Drive SystemSingle drive motorDual drive motors