2023 BMW i7 Electric Car

  • Price- starts at $119,300
  • Battery Capacity- 101.7 kWh
  • Real Range- 510 km
  • Efficiency- 199 Wh/km 


The 2023 BMW i7 Electric Car is equipped with a battery pack big enough to compete with the EQS and other high-end electric sedans like the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan. It is propelled by two electric motors.

Fuel Type Electric(Battery)
Range 590-625
Battery Capacity 101.7kWh
Max Torque 745nm
Max Power 536.40bhp
Acceleration 4.7 Sec

BMW i7 Performance

Specification Value
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h 4.7 sec
Top Speed 240 km/h
Electric Range 510 km
Total Power 400 kW (544 PS)
Total Torque 745 Nm
Drive AWD

2023 BMW i7 Battery

Specification Value
Nominal Capacity 105.0 kWh
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Number of Cells No Data
Architecture 400 V
Usable Capacity 101.7 kWh
Cathode Material No Data
Pack Configuration No Data
Nominal Voltage 376 V

BMW i7 Charging

Specification Value
Home / Destination Charge Port Type 2
Port Location Right Side - Rear
Charge Power 11 kW AC
Charge Time (0->510 km) 11 hours
Charge Speed 47 km/h
Fast charge Port CCS
FC Port Location Right Side - Rear
Fast charge Power (max) 200 kW DC
Fast charge Time (51->408 km) 28 min
Fast charge Speed 760 km/h