EMOVE Cruiser

  • Price- $1400
  • Power- 1600 watts
  • Battery- 52 volt, 30 amp hour
  • Range- 62 miles
  • Top Speed- 33 miles per hour


The EMOVE Cruiser is a foldable electric scooter that promises the best long-distance performance. With 1600 watts of power and a 52-volt, 30 amp-hour battery pack, the Cruiser can travel up to 62 miles and reach a top speed of 33 miles per hour.

Thanks to its large tubeless tires and dual spring suspension, riders can cruise through the city with minimal discomfort. The Cruiser is also one of the most waterproof scooters on the market, with an IPX6 protection rating, and its frame is made of durable aluminum alloy.

The EMOVE Cruiser is a well-rounded scooter that doesn’t sacrifice any features. It’s robust yet maneuverable, with foldable handlebars and a weight of just 52 pounds for easy portability. The handlebar height is adjustable, and riders have the option to add a seat as an extra accessory.

At a price of $1400, the EMOVE Cruiser offers impressive features and performance at a very reasonable cost.