Himiway Cobra Pro

  • Starting Price- $3,999
  • Mid-drive Motor- 1000W
  • Top Speed- Max 25 MPH With Pedal Assist
  • Range- 80 Miles per Charge


The Himiway Cobra Pro is the latest and most anticipated 1000w mid-drive electric bike designed for off-road enthusiasts. It’s a powerful bike that can be used for mountain biking, commuting, and even touring. The Himiway Cobra Pro is the first middle-class e-bike with 4-bar linkage suspension technology, making it a revolutionary bike in the electric bike market.

Himiway Cobra Pro- Features

The upgraded 6061 aluminum frame of the Himiway Cobra Pro is ultra-light and durable, providing riders with a smooth and comfortable ride. The 4-bar linkage suspension technology is designed to smooth out rough terrain, keeping your ride comfortable. The 1000-watt mid-drive motor efficiently improves power delivery by ensuring that the rider only receives the amount of assistance required.

The 160-newton meter torque sensing and 1300-watt peak motor power of the Himiway Cobra Pro allow riders to conquer the steepest hills and the longest distances with ease. The bike is equipped with a Samsung or LG Lithium-ion battery with a 48-volt, 5000mAh single-cell capacity, affording riders a range of 60 miles on a single charge and 80+ miles on a pedal-assisted ride. The battery has a quick charge time of 7 hours, making it convenient for riders on the go.

The 26″ by 4.8″ wheels with super fat tires of the Himiway Cobra Pro are suitable for riding on mud, sand, snow, dirt roads, or slippery roads. The 10-speed gear shifter system provides ultimate speed control and allows riders to easily change gears on a busy road. The backlight display shows riders their speed and other information, even when riding in the dark. The backlight display shows the trip computer, current speed, average speed, maximum speed, total distance, total time, and calories burned.

Overall, the Himiway Cobra Pro is the newest high-performance mid-drive e-bike in 2022, with its unique features and powerful specs, it’s a must-have for off-road enthusiasts.


Frame Upgraded 6061 Aluminum
Suspension 4-bar linkage technology
Motor 1000 watt mid drive
Torque Sensing 160-newton meters
Peak Motor Power 1300 watts
Battery Samsung or LG Lithium-ion with 48V, 5000mAh
Range 60 miles (single charge), 80+ miles (pedal assisted)
Charge Time 7 hours
Wheels 26" by 4.8" with super fat tires
Gear Shifter 10 speed
Display Backlight shows speed, a trip computer, average speed, max speed, total distance, time, and calories burned