2023 Jidu Robo-01 EV

The Price of the Jidu Robo-01 EV for its limited Lunar Edition is

  • 399,800 yuan in China
  • $58,885.06 in the United States


  • Chinese company Jidu has unveiled its first concept: the Robo-01.
  • The Jidu ROBO-01 concept production robocar was officially unveiled in the Metaverse.
  • Jia Yiping, CEO of Zidu, says: There will be a 90% similarity between the production cars and the concept cars.
  • Available in three colors variants Star Porcelain White, Nebula Gray, and Galaxy Purple

The fully electric SUV was developed by tech-giant Baidu and will be produced by Geely with the aim of bringing Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities to the market. The concept is previewing a production model that will follow in 2023, keeping 90 percent of the design.

The new 2023 Jidu Robo-01 electric car was showcased at a special event held at MetaUniverse ahead of its unveiling at the 2022 Guangzhou Motor Show.

2023 Jidu Robo-01 EV Designs and Looks

If we talk about its design and looks.

The 2023 Jidu Robo-01 EV sports an aerodynamic shape with lots of curves and a premium design. The company has showcased the display in three different color variants namely Star Porcelain White, Nebula Gray, and Galaxy Purple, all paired with a set of beautiful black surrounds with Air Defence.

The high-tech LED lights have Digital Pixel AI technology that transmits different signals to the world like a thumbs up.