Triumph TE-1 Electric Motorcycle

  • Price- $25,000 (Estimated Cost)
  • Range- 100 miles (161 km)
  • Acceleration- 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds
  • Power- 177 horsepower


Triumph’s T1 electric motorcycle has successfully completed its final testing phase, setting a new standard for the industry with its impressive range of 161 kilometers. The electric motorbike is also designed for speed, with a 3.6-second acceleration time from zero to 60 miles per hour, and a 130-kilowatt motor capable of producing 175 horsepower and 109-newton meters of peak torque.

The standing start acceleration of 0-100 mph in 6.2 seconds is also impressive and even bests the Speed Triple 1200, which is a gasoline-powered motorcycle known for its speed. The reported 100-mile (161 km) range is competitive with other electric motorcycles currently on the market.

Despite its powerful motor, the T1 is up to 25 percent lighter than comparable electric motorcycles, thanks to Triumph’s innovative design and engineering. The final body panels and paint have been added to the prototype, which perfectly embodies Triumph’s distinctive design DNA.

The T1’s success in testing is a significant milestone for Triumph Motorcycles, as the company looks to expand its electric offerings in the future. With its impressive performance and sleek design, the T1 is paving the way for an exciting new era of electric motorcycles from Triumph.

Triumph TE-1 Electric Motorcycle Price

Triumph Motorcycle plans to commence mass production of this motorcycle, which is expected to be priced at approximately $25K. The company aims to compete with other similar models already available on the market, such as the Harley Live Wire, Zero SR/F, and Energica Rebelle, which are priced at $22K.