BULLS Alpine Hawk EVO

  • Starting Price- $5,800 (US Dollar)
  • Battery- 255wh/36v/7Ah battery
  • Motor- Fazua Evation 255W
  • Top Speed- 20mph


The BULLS Alpine Hawk EVO is a road bike designed for those who still want to engage in physical activity while riding. The bike is equipped with a 250-watt-hour battery, which is thin and can be removed if desired. Despite weighing only 33.5 pounds, the bike is considered heavy for a road bike but light for an electric bike. The motor provides modest speed increases to assist with climbing slopes and headwinds, with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.


The BULLS Alpine Hawk EVO Mountain e-bike is priced at $5,800. The Alpine Hawk seat offers comfort even on bumpy rides, making it a great option for those who enjoy a challenge.


Battery 250 Watt Hour, removable
Weight 33.5 pounds
Motor Assistance Up to 20 miles per hour
Seat Alpine Hawk for comfort on bumpy rides
Price $5,800