Custom Tesla Model 3 Hearse, Customer Can Purchase

A Dutch-Based company called Derks Uitvaartmobiliteit has launched a unique European product – the Tesla Model 3 hearse. This special two-seat Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD Dual Motor is available for purchase at €118,950 (AU$198,042)., the hearse has a slightly reduced range of 375km compared to the standard 602km due to its added weight and less aerodynamic design.

What makes this Model 3 hearse fascinating are its excellent features. You’ll find LED lighting in the rear compartment and an optional starry headliner ceiling. Funeral directors will be pleased to know that the hearse comes with a powered tailgate, and they can also opt for electric curtains without any additional cost.

Using electric hearses is a smart idea, especially since most funeral trips are short, allowing enough time for charging in between. While this might be the first Model 3 hearse, similar conversions using the Model S have been seen in the past. Back in 2017, Brahms Electric Vehicles revealed a Nissan Leaf hearse.

As the popularity of eco-friendly options rises, the Tesla Model 3 hearse offers a sustainable and modern way to bid farewell to loved ones. Say goodbye with a touch of innovation and environmental consciousness!

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