Ryvid Anthem E-Motorycle

  • Price- $7,800 (Estimated Cost)
  • Range- 75+ miles
  • Battery- 4.3 kWh (Lithium Ion Battery)
  • Top Speed- 75+ mph (120 km/h)


The Ryvid Anthem is a new electric street Motorcycle that offers something novel to the market. While most new electric street bikes are primarily designed for commuting due to technology constraints on range and power density, the Anthem stands out with its engineering and design.

Weighing in at 240 pounds, the Anthem’s battery accounts for 60 of those pounds. However, the complete backbone of the bike weighs 12 pounds less than the chassis, which makes it feel light when ridden. The battery pack of the Anthem is detachable for convenient indoor charging, and thanks to its wheels, you won’t have to lift its 60 pounds of mass to get to your front door.

The Anthem’s simple stainless steel appearance may not be as attractive to the eye as other electric motorcycles on the market, but its engineering is excellent. The 4.3-kilowatt-hour battery is said to charge in three hours using a 220-volt outlet or six hours using a typical 110-volt socket.

Overall, the Ryvid Anthem offers an excellent package for those looking for the Best electric motorcycle that offers convenience, performance, and innovative engineering. Despite its simple appearance, the Anthem’s design and features set it apart from other electric motorcycles on the market.


Range 75+ miles
Top Speed 75+ mph (120 km/h)
Weight 240 pounds (60 pounds for the battery)
Battery 4.3 kWh
Charging time 3 hours (220-volt outlet) or 6 hours (110-volt socket)
Peak Torque 72 N-m