Super73 C1X

  • Price- $8,000 to $10,000 (estimated)
  • Range- up to 120 miles on a single charge
  • Battery- not revealed
  • Top Speed- over 75 mph (120 km/h)


The Super73 C1X is an electric motorcycle designed for urban use.  The inspiration for its unique design comes from the Ducati course racing squad. The seat height is 31 inches above the ground, which is manageable for a wide range of potential customers.

Super73 C1X Features

It features 15-inch disc wheels with sporty Bridge Stone Battle Ax Scooter S C2 tires and disc brakes with a big disc up front. The frame is four inches shorter and three inches longer than a Honda Grom and CB 300f respectively. The top speed of the bike is over 75 miles per hour, which is sufficient for most freeways in densely populated areas.

Super73 C1X Battery

The battery can be recharged to 80% capacity in about an hour with a fast charger. Super 73 promises to keep individuals who have reserved the bike informed as development moves along. If you’re looking for an Electric Motorcycle that’s both stylish and fast, the Super73 C1X is definitely worth considering.

Super73 C1X Price

Lastly, if we talk about the price of Super73 C1X, nothing has been officially revealed by the company but we are expecting the price of Super73 C1X to be around $8,000 to $10,000 (Estimated price in the USA).


ModelSuper73 C1X
TypeElectric Motorcycle
Top SpeedOver 75 mph (120 km/h)
RangeUp to 120 miles
InspirationDucati course racing Squad
Seat Height31 inches
Wheel Size15 inches
Tire BrandBridgestone Battleax Scooter S C2
Front Tire Size120/70ths
Rear Tire Size160/60ths
BrakesDisc brakes with a big disc upfront
Frame Length4 inches shorter than a Honda Grom
Frame Width3 inches longer than a CB 300f
Top SpeedOver 75 miles per hour
Battery Charging TimeAbout 1 hour for 80% capacity