Tromox Ukko S

  • Price- Starting From $6,500
  • Range- 65 to 70 miles
  • Top Speed- 95 km/ph


The Tromox Ukko S is an electric motorbike with advanced features that make it stand out in the market. It was selected from over 11,000 entries from 57 countries by a 132-member panel. The Ukko S uses imported components and microelectronics for its construction. It features the latest version of the Tromox motorbike intelligence system, Dimspace 2.0, which offers high accuracy, susceptible transmission, and over 30 car body sensing points. The bike uses WDR technology to record its surroundings and parking conditions.

The Ukko S is a compact bike, measuring 1855 mm by 800 mm by 1045 mm, with an inverted front fork and rear mono-shock. It has a belt drive that guarantees a riding lifespan of more than 2,000 kilometers. All three versions of the bike use the same tires that measure 100/80-14 at the front and 120/70-14 at the back. The Pro version comes with ABS while the basic and light versions use CBS. The regular and Pro versions both have double-sided aluminum swing arms, while the light version has a single-sided swing arm.

Overall, the Tromox Ukko S is an excellent e-bike to own, offering impressive performance and advanced features. It is a small and compact bike that can be easily maintained even when exposed to the sun and rain. The bike is designed to ensure that you can ride it for as long as you want without worrying about its performance or durability.


Tromox Ukko S
Dimensions1855 mm x 800 mm x 1045 mm
SuspensionThe inverted front fork, rear mono-shock
DriveBelt drive
Motorbike Intelligence SystemDimspace 2.0
TiresFront: 100/80-14, Rear: 120/70-14
BrakesPro: ABS, Basic, and Light: CBS
Swing armRegular and Pro: double-sided aluminum, Light: single-sided
Riding lifespanMore than 2,000 km