Ducati Moto E V21L

  • Price- From $20,000 to $25,000
  • Range- 100 miles (Urban)
  • Battery- 18kWh battery
  • Top Speed- 275 km/ph
  • Charging Time- 45 minutes


Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati, has unveiled its latest electric motorcycle prototype, the Moto E v21l 18, designed in collaboration with Ducky and Ducati Course for the Borgo Panigale. The Moto E v21l 18 is an exceptional electric motorcycle prototype that was created using standard motorcycle production processes. Ducati handled all project management tasks including the design and simulation of the electric drivetrain.

Ducati Moto E V21L Battery & Performance

The battery pack, which weighs 110 kilograms, is accessible and has an 18 kilowatt-hours capacity with a 20-kilowatt charging port built into the tail. The battery pack’s carbon fiber case also features a 3.7-kilogram aluminum mono cock front frame and serves as a strained chassis region. This Ducati electric motorcycle is the lightest one ever produced by the company.

The Ducati Moto E v21l 18 has exceptional brake calipers, with the GP4R RM 4-piston calipers being used at the front and the P34 caliper at the back. The front brakes use double discs and the back brakes use a single disc that is 220 millimeters in diameter and 5 millimeters thick. Additionally, an exceptionally advanced and effective liquid cooling system is used to cool the prototype parts.

The motorcycle is designed with a dual-sport capability, making it suitable for both on-road and off-road adventures. The prototype promises to deliver excellent performance, thanks to its advanced technology, including the liquid cooling system, and its lightweight design. The Ducati Moto E v21l 18 is a significant step forward for the company in the electric motorcycle market.


Manufacturer Ducati and Ducky
Price From $20,000 to $25,000
Top Speed 275 km/ph
Battery Capacity 18 kWh
Charging Time 45 minutes
Charging Port 20 kW
Weight Lightest
Front Frame Carbon fiber case with 3.7 kg aluminum mono cock
Brakes Front: GP4R RM for 30 to 36 calipers with a PR 1918 radio master cylinder. Rear: P34 caliper with a single disc of 220 mm diameter and 5 mm thickness
Cooling System Advanced liquid cooling system
Dual Sport Capabilities Yes