Ford Explorer Electric Price, Range & Release Date

Ford is launching its latest electric SUV, the Ford Explorer, which is going to hit the market soon. While the name may evoke images of a massive SUV, the Explorer is actually smaller than many people think. The Ford Explorer Electric is supposed to provide 250 – 300 miles of range on a single charge.

This electric car is a significant release for Ford because it is intended to be a volume seller, and the company hopes to sell many of them. The Explorer aims to stand out from the competition with its practicality, interior features, and bold design that pays homage to classic American muscle cars. It is the first non-VW car to use the VW Group’s MEB platform, a platform that has proven to be modular and efficient. Ford explorer 1

New Ford Explorer Electric SUV: Highlights 

  • Ford’s second all-electric SUV!
  • Based on the VW ID.4!
  • Huge 15″ infotainment screen!
  • 250 – 300 mile range expected!

Ford explorer Design & Interior Ford Explorer has a boxy, muscular design that harks back to classic American muscle cars. The front of the car has a unique, smart-looking face that balances a strong appearance with aerodynamic properties.

The Ford badge is a new design that harkens back to an older, more retro design language. The exterior has relatively few lines and creases, but the ones that are there are impactful. The long-ish bonnet, which is not typical of Meb platform cars, gives the car a brawny shape that makes it appear much larger than it is. The high shoulder line that goes the whole length of the car also contributes to its overall size.

Ford explorer Features

The Ford Explorer boasts several features that help it stand out from other electric SUVs. For starters, it has a spacious interior, with a lot of room for passengers and cargo. The car’s interior is one of the most unique and fascinating aspects of the vehicle. car has a large, curved touchscreen that dominates the dashboard, and the car also features a massive panoramic roof that spans the entire length of the car. The car has several different driving modes, including Whisper, Engage, and Unbridled, that allow the driver to tailor their driving experience to their preferences.

Ford explorer Platform Ford Explorer is the first non-VW car to use the VW Group’s MEB platform. This platform has proven to be modular, efficient, and capable of handling a wide range of vehicles.

The MEB platform is used by several other car companies, including VW, Skoda, Audi, and others. It will be interesting to see if Ford can take this platform and do something innovative with it that the other companies have not yet done.

Ford explorer Electric Price & Release Date

The Ford Explore EV is expected to start at an estimated starting price of $48,250 & Around 45,00 EURO in Europe (roughly Rs. 45 lacks to Rs. 50 lacks in India). If we talk about its release date, then the company has not officially confirmed its release date, but yes, the production will start in 2023 and its first delivery will be by the end of 2023.


The Ford Explorer is a bold new SUV that is set to rival other electric SUVs on the market. With its spacious interior, unique features, and muscular design, the Explorer is sure to stand out from the competition. While it may not be as large as people expect, it has a lot of potentials to be a volume seller for Ford. 

The fact that it is the first non-VW car to use the VW Group’s MEB platform is an intriguing development that could have significant implications for the industry as a whole. The Ford Explorer Electric is one to watch in the coming months as it prepares to hit the market.

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