Jowua Renda EV With 600-mile Range: Company Tweets

Jowua life a Tesla Accessories maker has revealed its new electric car concept, which looks similar to Tesla Model 3. The Electric Car concept is set comes with a 600-mile range and it is about to cost nearly $50,000 US dollars. Jowua Renda EV Costs 50k offers 600 miles 1

Jowua Renda EV Costs 50k offers 600 mil 1

With a range of 600 miles and a price point of $50,000, the Jowua Renda EV appears to offer a compelling value proposition for consumers. Additionally, the 10-minute charge time of 80% is impressive, as it addresses one of the main concerns that people have with electric cars, which is charging time.

The Company tweeted” Inspired by Volkswagen, we have been busy designing our first-ever electric vehicle. Announcing the Jowua Renda!”

Jowua Renda EV Price and Specficaions

  • – 600-mile range
  • – $50k
  • – 10min charge to 80%
  • – Made in Taiwan

The expected launch is on 3/31/2032, at 1 pm EST.

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