Tesla to Offers Wireless EV Charging Options?

The trend of going wireless has been evident in various fields, from phones to computing to power tools, and now it could also revolutionize electric vehicles (EVs) with wireless charging. Tesla Motors recently teased the idea of a wireless inductive charging pad in their Investor Day presentation, indicating that it might be a game-changer.

However, the Company did not provide any specific details about when or if they will offer this technology to owners. 

The promise of daily charging without having to manage charge connectors every morning and night is a significant factor that could make wireless charging a popular choice among EV owners. It is likely the reason Tesla decided to include it among their visions of future charging.

Tesla’s head of global charging infrastructure, Rebecca Tinucci, stated that while they aim to scale their infrastructure and power it with renewable sources, they also strive to provide incredible charging experiences for their customers.

Tesla Southern California diner and Supercharger station https://electriccarfinder.com/tesla-wireless-ev-charging/

The presentation slide included a new rendering of the Southern California diner and Supercharger station, which Tesla has been teasing for some time. On the other side of the slide, a wireless charging pad was shown below a garage-parked Tesla Model S. This technology could be a necessary component for self-driving vehicles and a more elegant solution than Tesla’s prototype snake charger, which they have previously demonstrated.

WiTricity, a leading company focused on inductive EV charging for passenger vehicles, did not comment on whether the example shown with Tesla was theirs or a licensed form of their technology.

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However, they have fitted a Tesla Model 3 and Ford Mustang Mach-E with wireless charging tech for demonstration purposes. They are also the only company outside China that supplies the technology to a factory OEM application with the Genesis GV60 in their home market of South Korea.

Tesla is not the only company that has highlighted this technology recently. At CES in January, Stellantis’ Ram truck brand showcased an inductive charging robot that could allow for hands-free charging without parking in the same spot every day.

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