Transition one: Affordable Universal EV Conversion kit

Transition One is a French company that offers entry-level EV conversion kits for old combustion engine cars. For a few thousand euros, minus a government grant, they can turn old vehicles into no-frills, zero-emission electric vehicles. The company is still a year away from putting this into production and building the finalized version of these kits at scale.

However, the French government has approved the company as meeting all the required safety regulations and has, therefore, agreed to subsidize the cost significantly increasing the price of this conversion. Transition One aims to repurpose existing products and proposes affordable solutions for ecological transition. The process of converting a car is to extract the thermal powertrain and replace it with the company’s own generic powertrain. The battery pack is integrated into the place of the fuel tank, and the gearbox is still in place.

The company avoids changing too much, which allows customers to use their cars on public roads without making too many tests to validate their safety.

The CEO, Eric, said they aim to provide affordable, easy-to-understand solutions for ecological transition, which allows clients to use their own cars on public roads. The company aims to be a climate change company rather than a car company, and they promote a circular economy through efficiency.

The Transition One’s Universal electric car conversion kit is designed to be an affordable solution for those who want to convert their existing car to an electric vehicle. The exact price of the conversion kit varies depending on the make and model of the car being converted, but it is generally in the range of a few thousand euros.

One of the reasons the price is relatively low is due to government subsidies that are available in France to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. The French government has approved the Transition One conversion kit as meeting all the required safety regulations and has agreed to subsidize the cost, significantly reducing the price of the conversion for consumers.

Transition one electric car conversion kit cost

Transition One EV Conversion Kit Cost around €5,000 after government subsidies.

The goal of Transition One is to offer an accessible and affordable electric vehicle conversion option that is simple to understand and use. The company’s founder, Eric, believes that the best solution to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles is to offer affordable options that are accessible to a wide range of people.

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