Livall-pikaboost e-bike Conversion kit Cost & features

The Livall-pikaboost e-bike conversion kit is a product developed by a Chinese company called Livall, which is mostly known for producing bicycle helmets with additional features like speakers and lights. The Pikaboost is the company’s first e-bike conversion kit, and it stands out from competitors because of its ease of installation, compatibility with all bicycles, and affordable price tag.

Unlike other e-bike conversion kits that require the swapping out of entire wheels and extensive wiring, the Pikaboost only needs to be attached to the seat post, with minimal adjustments needed for the roller motor. It comes with a 234-watt battery capacity, which can travel up to 30 kilometers or 18 miles. The unit only weighs about three kilograms and features a regenerative system that feeds energy back into the system.

 Livall-pikaboost e-bike conversion kit Price Livall-pikaboost is compatible with all bicycles regardless of tire type, and the total purchase price is $599 through Kickstarter. At the time of writing, signing up on Kickstarter can get you the unit for $339.

While the product seems promising, there are some concerns about the roller design and potential slippage, especially in wet conditions. Additionally, the low price tag seems too good to be true, making the author of the review a little skeptical. Overall, the Pikaboost is the best e-bike conversion kit with some exciting features and is worth keeping an eye on.

 Livall-pikaboost e-bike conversion kit Features has three different modes: hold, roll, and sport, and is equipped with other features such as terrain change detection, a smart slip detection, and fault detection that cuts off power to the motor if the unit senses the bike is leaning over more than 45 degrees. The Pikaboost also has a built-in rear light that has two modes, is IP66 waterproof for both the motor and the battery, and has a USB port for charging electronic devices.

The unit can be locked into the seat post using wireless Bluetooth, although it can be easily stolen if the seat post is not locked.

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