Top 10 EV Conversion Companies in the USA

As Electric Vehicles (EVs) gain worldwide popularity due to their low maintenance, low running cost, and environmental friendliness. So now, many ICE car owners are interested in converting their ICE-powered cars to electric cars. If you are one of them and looking for EV Conversion Companies in the USA? This article is for you

In this article, we’ll explore the top EV conversion companies in the USA, including their location, top kit, and website address. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or simply save money on fuel, these EV conversion companies can help you make the switch to an electric vehicle and take steps toward sustainable travel.

List of Top 10 EV Conversion Companies in the USA

Company Website Top Kits Location
EV West “The Electric V8”, “PowerBlock” San Marcos, CA
Electric GT “Tesla Crate Motor” Chatsworth, CA
Zero Labs Automotive “Classic Electric” Los Angeles, CA
Electrify America “eBuggy”, “eBeetle” Reston, VA
Green Shed Conversions “Rivet” Fort Collins, CO
Zelectric Motors “ZM2”, “ZM3” San Diego, CA
EVolution Autosports “EV Porsche”, “EV Ferrari” Tempe, AZ
Hybrid Conversion Solutions “Hybrid EV Conversion” Los Angeles, CA
Revolt Electric Classics “REVOLT GT”, “REVOLT Coupe” Austin, TX
EV4U Custom Conversions “Tri-Magnum”, “Speedster” Payson, AZ

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