Top 10 Cheapest Electric Cars in USA (2023)

List of the top 10 cheapest electric cars available in the USA with their price, range, and complete specifications

Fiat 500 Electric is known for maintaining a distinct design language across its releases, and the 500 electric is a great representation of this. The car has a minimalist approach, which is bound to appeal to many drivers. The interior of the car is simple and functional, with all the important functions within easy reach. The dashboard features a 10.25-inch touchscreen display, which enhances the overall experience.

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In terms of range, the Fiat 500 electric is equipped with either a 23.7-kilowatt-hour battery pack or a 42-kilowatt-hour option. The former can provide approximately 115 miles of driving on a full charge, while the latter can offer an estimated 199 miles. Although the car is not the best performer, it offers two modern options with 95 horsepower or 118 horsepower.

Price in the USA

The starting price for the Fiat 500 electric is around $25,000, and it can go up to $35,000, depending on the features and options selected. Overall, the Fiat 500 electric is a functional and stylish EV that provides good value for money. With this price, the Fiat 500 is the cheapest electric car available in the USA in 2023.

Design LanguageDistinct and minimalist
InteriorSimple and functional with a 10.25-inch touchscreen display
Battery Options23.7 kWh (115 miles range) or 42 kWh (199 miles range)
Performance Options95 horsepower or 118 horsepower
Price$25,000 – $35,000

Citroen My Ami Tonic 2023 drivers looking for a cost-effective and simple means of transportation, the My mi Tonic might just be a perfect choice. This microcar is more of a quadricycle than a traditional car, but it still offers enough features to keep you comfortable and entertained. The Miami Tonic has a quirky and almost cartoon-like design that sets it apart from other vehicles on the road.

The head of graphic design at Citroen referred to the Miami Tonic as a “toy for grown-ups.” With its front-wheel drive electric motor producing only 8 horsepower, this micro car is ideal for drivers who don’t need excessive speed or power. The 5.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack can provide up to 43 miles of driving on a single charge.

Price in the USA

One of the most attractive aspects of the Miami Tonic is its selling price. Starting at just under $9,000, this microcar is an affordable option for drivers who want to reduce their carbon footprint without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for a quirky and unique vehicle or simply an efficient way to get from point A to point B, the Miami Tonic might just be the perfect fit.

DesignQuirky and cartoon-like
DrivetrainFront-wheel drive electric motor
Performance8 horsepower
Battery5.5 kWh (43 miles range)

Honda e Car drivers looking to trade horsepower for range and style, the Honda e is a top choice. Honda has put a strong emphasis on designing a small electric car that looks good both inside and out and is not boring to drive. The Honda e boasts a larger 35.5-kilowatt-hour battery that can provide up to 137 miles of driving on a single charge.

The model previously offered a 134 horsepower option, but that has been abandoned in favor of a more powerful 152 horsepower engine. Despite having a smaller battery pack, the Honda e is lightweight and not sluggish.

While the Honda e is a bit more expensive, starting at approximately $36,000, it offers a unique and stylish design that sets it apart from other electric cars on the market. If you’re looking for a car that can make you feel like an action movie star while providing an efficient and eco-friendly means of transportation, the Honda e is the perfect fit.

Price in the USA

DesignStylish and High-Performance
Battery35.5 kWh (137 miles range)
Performance152 horsepower

Mini Cooper Electric Car Mini Cooper Electric is a budget-friendly electric car that offers an impressive range of features. Despite its small size, the car packs a powerful punch with its 181 horsepower motor, which runs on a 28.9-kilowatt-hour battery that provides an estimated 110 miles of driving on a full charge. The car’s small size and quick acceleration make it a fun, nimble vehicle to drive, with great handling. However, the car’s well-done traction control system may take some getting used to.

Price in the USA

The Mini Cooper Electric starts at around $33,000, but with add-ons, the price can go up to $38,000 or more.

Motor181 horsepower
Battery28.9-kilowatt hour
Range110 miles (estimated)
Starting Price$33,000
Price with Add-ons$38,000 or more

Mazda mx-30 Electric Car Mazda MX-30 is the company’s first fully electric vehicle. Despite some shortcomings, such as its limited driving range of 100 miles from its 30-kilowatt-hour battery, the MX-30 made an interesting debut that has fans eager for future updates. Unlike many other electric vehicles on the market, the MX-30 has a mature, minimalist design, with suicide doors. Although the range is limited, the MX-30 offers more space for passengers and cargo than most other small electric vehicles.

Price in the USA

The car features a 143 horsepower front-wheel drive motor and starts at around $35,000.

Battery30-kilowatt hour
Range100 miles
Motor143 horsepower (front-wheel drive)
Starting Price$35,000

Vauxhall corsa-e Electric Car Vauxhall Corsa Electric is an affordable electric vehicle with a range of 122 miles. While it may not have the most stylish design, it is ideal for those who want a practical car without the hassle of having to charge too often. The electric motor in the Corsa electric produces 136 horsepower, which should be enough to maintain decent performance.

Price in the USA

The starting price for Corsa Electric is between $30,000 and $35,000, depending on the options and add-ons.

Range122 miles
Motor136 horsepower
Starting Price$30,000 to $35,000

2022 Nissan LEAF Nissan Leaf is a small electric vehicle (EV) that has a starting price tag of just over $29,000. The Leaf offers a well-rounded design, with a safe exterior and enough interior space for passengers and cargo, which is uncommon in this class of EVs.

There are two options available for the Nissan Leaf: the standard Leaf and a higher-level vehicle. The standard Leaf comes wi40-kilowatt-hour-hour battery that provides an estimated range of 149 miles and a horsepower of 147. The higher-level vehicle offers 214 horsepower and a kilowatt-hour-hour battery pack, providing an estimated range of 215 miles.

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One issue that drivers may have with the Nissan Leaf is the charging system, which is not always compatible with most regular public charging stations. This means that drivers may need to set up charging at home and limit their travels to the local area.

Price in the USA

The base level of the Leaf starts at just over $29,000, while the higher option costs just over $37,000.

VehicleBatteryRangeHorsepowerStarting Price
Nissan Leaf40 kWh149 miles147 horsepowerOver $29,000
Nissan Leaf62 kWh215 miles214 horsepowerOver $37,000

2022 BMW I3 Electric Car BMW i3 is a luxury electric vehicle (EV) with a premium interior experience. It offers reliability and a comfortable cabin. The standard trim comes with a rear-mounted motor that provides 170 horsepower, while the higher trim provides 184 horsepower. The i3 has 42.2-kilowatt-hour battery, with an estimated range of 190 miles between charges.

Price in the USA

The starting price for the BMW i3 is around $35,000.

SpecificationBMW i3
Power (HP)170 (standard trim), 184 (higher trim)
Battery42.2 kWh
Range190 miles
PriceAround $35,000

2022 Kia Soul EV Kia Soul EV is a distinctive electric vehicle with a stylish exterior design. It offers a spacious interior and sufficient power to keep the drive interesting. The entry-level Soul EV Urban comes with a 134-horsepower electric motor and 39.2-kilowatt-hour-hour battery providing 171 miles of range. The top-level Explore trim offers a 64-kilowatt-hour battery with 150 miles of range and 201 horsepower. The price range for a Kia Soul EV is between $40,000 and $48,000.

VehicleHorsepowerRange (miles)Battery (kWh)Price (USD)
Kia Soul EV Urban13417139.240,000 – 48,000
Kia Soul EV Explore2011506440,000 – 48,000

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV Chevrolet Bolt EV is an electric vehicle that offers great value for money. It is the cheapest electric Car on the market and has a design that is a perfect implementation of Chevrolet’s style on a small car. The car runs on a motor that produces 200 horsepower and is powered by a 65-kilowatt-hour battery that provides a range of 259 miles on a full charge.

Price in the USA

The starting price for the Chevrolet Bolt EV is around 26,000 dollars before any extras are added.

SpecificationChevrolet Bolt EV
Battery Capacity65-kilowatt hour
Range259 miles
Starting PriceAround $26,000

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